The following is a conspiracy theory/original story submitted by the first-place winner, PRANEETHA DINESH (of NIT Calicut) for our event SLEUTH’S VISION, as part of ‘SPECTRUM ‘20 - An ISTE Collaboration’.

This is based on the thought that we might be living in a higher dimensional being’s science experiment.

Humans have always questioned reality. The three-dimensional universe and the fact that we are moving through the fabric of space-time was never enough for us. The string theory is the closest we came to understand the secrets of the universe. It tells us that there are 13 dimensions. 3 perceived by us, and the rest even unimaginable.

This story is in the point of view of a higher dimensional being. For it, our universe is just one among countless others. Just one test tube in a whole lab full of test tubes. The laws of physics that we’ve tried to understand in ours, may not be the same in the others. Hence, parallel universes.

Let me tell you that it’s the same sample I used. The same planets, stars, galaxies, the same number of each. Each universe was an exact physical copy of each other. I just tried different reagents in each. Laws of physics. Entropy was used as the catalyst. Entropy and the laws of physics changed the game. Each one of them turned out with different amounts of life, some primitive, some highly sophisticated, some right in the middle.

I’ve always loved leaving hints about doomsday. Some of them have grown to realize that their world would end one day. And it’s true. I’ve got to finish this experiment at some point. They’ve figured out the physical laws of their realm, learnt to calculate, predict the future. I’ve never meddled with their lives. It’s like observing quantum particles. You should not. Because interference changes the outcome.

They’ve always made fools out of themselves. One such instance was a bunch of them predicting a particular date in the year 2012 they called doomsday and the whole world had been worked up in anticipation for their tiny planet to swallow them up. The day just passed harmlessly. A few years later, they concluded that the first people who predicted it might have been dyslexic and read 2012 instead of 2021. So in 2021, they waited. The planet was on the brink of destruction due to other causes, but they survived. It had been hilarious.

The concept of time doesn’t apply to me. I’ve always wondered what it must be like, to be unsure of your future and the fact that the past cannot be brought back. To me, time is just another dimension. I can always fast forward to the end of the experiment, but it is not good to meddle with a dimension that your experiment cannot interfere with. I already know what happens in the end. To make you understand better, I’m stuck in one moment of this higher dimension, every outcome, every phase moving past my eyes like it’s a movie.

The Big Bang theory is true. Of course, each of my test tubes exploded initially, leaving smoke in my lab for an eternity. A few intellectual life forms know it. They’re wondering how it will all end. They’re working on the possibility of a Big Collapse. Considering space-time as a fabric that is expanding, it only makes sense if it were to collapse on itself eventually. Another possibility that they’ve come up with is their universe slowly freezing, which is also credible since the stars will eventually run out of energy, the black holes will die out, the last standing lights will fade. Slow death, if you ask me, but life will be gone long before that happens. Another view is considering spacetime as a trampoline, mass and matter, planets and galaxies as iron balls placed on it. The cloth will bend, that’s how gravity works, literally and figuratively. (Gravity is picturized in the correct form as a dent in space-time.) More matter builds up, the heavier the cloth becomes. At a point, it will tear apart. It kind of makes sense too.

The black holes that I’ve placed in these universes are in fact gateways to alternate realities. Or, other test tubes. Only civilizations that are advanced enough, and dare to go through them, can fully understand how reality works. That won’t happen. They’ve got very less time in their hands. They talk about how information is lost in a black hole. It’s true. You lose the information of your universe when you leave it behind. Everything comes at a price you see. The knowledge of reality cannot come into your hands so easily. You leave something behind to gain something.

Is it weird that I’m emotional when talking about the life forms that would be killed just because time is ruthless and will eventually wipe them out? They might colonize other planets, invade other solar systems, galaxies or even move to another test tube. But they cannot defeat time. The passing of time is the one constant in my experiment. Maybe they will, when they expand themselves into a higher dimension, but even I do not possess the knowledge of doing that.

What separated the living from the non-living was consciousness. The feeling of being awake. Just different kinds of quantum fluctuations. Most of them don’t believe it, they consider it a conspiracy. Because it’s too difficult to comprehend, they decided to leave the concept of ‘life’ to a higher power they worship. They don’t realize the power given to them. Their universes are just an interplay of quantum particles. And they possess minds that are literally controlling those particles. If they realize their potential, they can bring entire worlds at their knees, with infinite knowledge.

But they won’t. They’re far too caught up in their own worlds to look past them. They are curious, just not enough. That’s good for me, because I don’t want my own creation rebelling against me. I can’t handle another conspiracy.

Because I’m God, their biggest conspiracy.


Praneetha Dinesh, NIT Calicut