The following is a conspiracy theory/original story submitted by the third-place winner, CHAITASHI PANDYA (of NIT Calicut) for our event SLEUTH’S VISION, as part of ‘SPECTRUM ‘20 - An ISTE Collaboration’.

For 70 years we have been told Hitler committed suicide on April 30th, 1945. We were lied to, we are still being lied to. ADOLF HITLER ESCAPED- that should be the headline. In late 1945, British Intelligence published a report detailing what would become the official record of Hitler’s death inside his bunker. It said that he shot himself in the head, and his wife ate a cyanide capsule and died. Their bodies were kept in a shallow pit and burned with 50 litres of petrol and that is it. End of history, end of Hitler. It is the version of the event that most of us have accepted as the truth. What we have been told is duplicitous, deceptive and straightforward a lie. I believe that Hitler and his wife Eva were spirited out of their bunker at the end of April 1945. Hitler did not die.

On May 1st, Nazis announced his death, on the following day the Soviet army arrived with a BBC reporter, finally seized the bunker and made a grim discovery. There was a man which looked a lot like Hitler, but doctors confirmed he was not. Body doubles were used a lot in WWII, Stalin (Former Premier of Soviet Union) had many and Winston Churchill) Former Prime Minister of UK) had at least one; Historians are certain that Hitler used them too. There was no other official reporting of his death. Suspicions arose, also on the higher levels. Stalin refused to believe that Hitler had died. Dwight Eisenhower (34th President of US) had said, “We have no proof that Hitler has died in Berlin. We hope we did, but we have got no proof.”. Few FBI reports show that they have been looking for him since months and even years after World War 2 had got over. The agency even went as far as producing identity portraits, designed to show agents what would Hitler look like in different disguises. If the FBI didn’t believe it, why did we?

But the truth is, for many decades a lot of people didn’t but then the Soviets dropped a Bombshell; 23 years after the news of his death had hit the airwaves, the Soviet Unions admitted they had the remains of Hitler all along. But does it make any sense at all, that they did not inform their leader Stalin at that time and they suddenly discovering all of these in 1963? Then, in 2009, the story was opened wide again when an American pathologist ran a DNA test on the skull fragment held by the Russians, and found out they were of a woman who would have been in her 40’s. We have been sold a dummy! In the British report of 1945, eye witness has seen the bodies coming out, but nobody has seen Hitler or Eva going inside the bunker. It is also believed that behind the switching of the doubles it is the mastermind, personal secretary of Hitler, Martin Bormann. He knew that the only way to end this and the only way to not get their enemies following them is that they had to die.

So, they did it through their body doubles, they were executed and that is what we study in history as Hitler’s death. If you tell a lie, often enough and loudly enough it becomes the truth. So, if he escaped then where did he go? Well, the rumours about these are everywhere, but a lot of them said that he was remotely living in Antarctica. The theory proposed by historian Douglas Dietrich, that the Nazis built a secret colony in the South Pole, which was basing initially 200,000 pure Aryans wherein the whole lifestyle would be conducted underground. The creation of such a huge fortress in Antarctica may seem fantastical, but vast underground tunnels found in Austria after the end of the war are, some believe a proof that the idea is not so far-fetched.

A historian has found an old tunnel build by Nazis in Austria, which could accommodate 60, 000 men. In 1938, the Nazis did send a ship to the south pole, they said it was for scientific purposes but the head was no scientist, but was the Head of the Airforce. Fuelling this idea is the fact that many boats were made in 1943. Admiral Donitz has openly talked about an impregnable fortress that he had built for Hitler in another part of the world. Also, the Americans knew about the stronghold of Antarctica by Hitler and the declassified documents released in the 1990s could back this up, Washington even ordered a battle fleet to the South Pole. The Nazis were the biggest thieves; from the things which they had stolen, around 500 Million US Dollar worth of gold is missing, was it taken by Hitler with him? Maybe.

It is said that since the expedition of the ship to Antarctica, the private Secretary of Hitler, started having secret meetings with businessmen and rich highly influential people about starting a secret society in august 1944 as confirmed by American sources and he told some to get economically strong as they wanted to win this war economically now. So, according to me it could be a possibility that all this could be true and he might have started an underground colony. Because in most of the conspiracy theories, the conspirators are these psychopaths who are people bent on worlds domination at any cost and they will stop at nothing, they will kill any amount of people and commit any number of atrocities to achieve their ends and that is why we can have so many conspiracy theories coming out of the Nazi regime.

Chaitashi Pandya, Institute of Management, Nirma University