The following is a conspiracy theory/original story submitted by the second-place winner, LOVE KUSH PRANU (of NIT Calicut) for our event SLEUTH’S VISION, as part of ‘SPECTRUM ‘20 - An ISTE Collaboration’.

The following is a string of texts between 3 people who respect social distancing. Please don’t take the percentages to be exact; that’s approximate of what I recall to be true numbers.

Adam: Daveeeeee, Leoooo, I’m sooo boreddd. Whyyy won’t this quarantine end already… Want to do something fun?

Leo: Yeah cool. I’m game.

Dave: Yeah me too.

Adam: Want to play

Leo: Nah, we did for the past four days, it gets boring after a while.

Dave: Yeah, I agree too. Wait I got it how about we have a conspiracy theory-off.

Leo: A what?

Dave: So basically we each give a conspiracy idea and the best one wins. You guys up?

Adam: Alright, finally something besides drawing like a two-year-old. I’m in

Dave: Cool so I’ll go first then Leo then you Adam. This ok?

Adam: yeah, peace

Leo: alright

Dave: You guys better hold onto your pants I’ve been building on this theory since the beginning of the quarantine. Ok, so it goes like this:
What if the entire corona thing is a sham? Wait before you say I’m high, hear me out. Ok, so you know the basics of the past like it started in china, yadda, yadda… but lemme tell you what you never thought about. So let’s start with the known facts, a) it has a less than 1% fatal chance, b) it spreads rapidly, c) The people that get it they don’t inject some miracle drug they just keep them in a closed room until the virus disappears on its own, d) This is supposedly the weakest of all the viruses that exist and e) When Ebola which has a 50% kill rate was found it was contained soo well that nobody outside Africa has mentioned any large cases.

Ok let me start by asking you this, have you heard any particular specific name who died of corona?

Leo: Yeah I think some actor got it or something…

Dave: Ah, they GOT it, they were tested positive yes but here’s the thing no name was ever mentioned of a person dying. Its only been “He/She/It has been identified COVID positive” but never “died due to corona”. The news just broadcasts numbers randomly daily almost like they are perfectly using a projection graph. Have you seen how smooth those graphs are? Now say a disease like cancer or something exists they show pictures of the infected organ to show ppl a very good reason why they shouldn’t step outside. Most people agreed to the quarantine because it’s a free holiday, and who doesn’t want a free few months of holidays.

Adam: yeah I guess…

Dave: Wait this goes soo much deeper. Let’s look at the past for a moment. When China released the virus there wasn’t any dangerous reaction from the UN or any of the other nations yelling at china for their bad containment methods. Most interestingly the massive riots which were happening in china suddenly shut down due to the virus. It also looked like the US was actually in a way supporting it. This was weird but I decided to let it slide. Until recently when I was having one of those random thoughts that keeps me awake at 3 am.

Adam: Yes, about that, stop calling me at 3 am. Some of us are sleeping then you know and…

Dave: Shhh, don’t interrupt my train of thought. Ok, where was I? Oh yeah the US support. So I was listening to this business-guy’s-model-speech-thingy, and the points mentioned there supported my theory even more. Ok, so you know how most of the world’s transactions happen in dollars right thereby increasing its value. It happens soo much that the need for the currency greatly outweighs the printing of the currency hence they have to try to decrease the value so it doesn’t explode and cause an economic crisis. So we are going to be hit by the biggest recession in history ever after this quarantine break ends and when that comes countries are going to be in huge debt. Now the best method left would be either all adapt one currency or they will have to create a new unified world currency and reset all the debts to zero. Nobody will owe anyone anything. You can see the obvious and messy flaws in the second idea so they will be more likely to bend towards the easier option which would be to choose the most used existing currency for a larger purpose. Now you realize what this means? It means technically the US would end up ruling the whole world and the dollar would be supreme with no rival. The only ones to benefit from this would be all of the US’s close friends only. So my theory is corona was all a hoax built up by a few nations banding together to bring up the superpower US to a global control level by spreading fake media about a virus that never even existed or Even if it did exist it was an intentional spread of the virus to help china, the US and other nations get control of a larger demographic.

Adam: Ok…. well that was an interesting idea…. you need to sleep more, you know.

Dave: Nah sleeping is for babies and old people. Ok, Leo, you’re up next, doubt you can follow through after my theory I worked on weeks for, go!

Leo: Ok, so I just thought about this one during your speech. Hope it’s not too bad, So here’s my theory:
What if conspiracy theorists are part of a conspiracy theory to spread disinformation via conspiracy theories.

Adam: HE IS THE MESSIAH. I am not following after that you’re the winner… fuck that, I’m going to post this on twitter or Reddit or something. Holy cow you came up with that in 5 mins? Dave, I bet you are going to kill yourself now, lol

Dave left the group.

Love Kush Pranu, NIT Calicut